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Mayors, why we cant be bothered!

You have to ask yourself what happened to the “hot debate” on Cardiff having an elected mayor. Truth is there was no real debate city wide about it. I realize living 3000 miles way how would I know? Its simple it’s Facebook and Twitter, as well as talking to family. My mother (who is a dedicated voter) had not heard about this “hot topic”. The reason why, to paraphrase James Carville “It’s the media stupid”. There is no city wide “conversation” about this, its all in the heads of the bloggers, and the wider media has chosen not to run with it, because it doesn’t sell papers! I read a tweet from Cllr Cerys Furlong that said that public was not interesting in changing Cardiff’s city government based on poll of 101 people on Wales online, hardly a large or scientific sample of opinion, so why would Cllr Furlong dismiss it based not only on a really ridiculous poll, and a lack of a wider debate. You could take it at face value, because she thinks that an elected mayor concentrates power in the hands of one person. Any different from the current cabinet system, and the old committee system was just the same.

However still the people of Cardiff should have a right to debate how their frontline services are run. Jonathan Morgan began this debate, and he seems to be “missing in action” over it. According his blog post Cardiff needed this urgently. Yet even he has lost interest in the project with the speculation that he had only brought it up because he might lose his seat to a very strong Julie Morgan.

Cardiff I believe it would be more like 24000 ( I have seen smaller, however I think that they thought it was based on 5% and not 10% which after discovering that the hard work may have put them off)

I do think it’s a shame that people in wales get more bent out of shape over fields, parks, and having their kids attend Victorian asbestos ridden schools, than looking forward. Its true that in America we vote in small numbers (though I think turn out here is about the same as in the UK now) for every office, however there is not the apathy here that one finds at home, and along with a local newspaper Dodge City that is more widely read than the Echo, and radio and TV stations that at least have nearly 21/2 hours of local news a day, people know what is going on, especially in the schools.

I think that people at home (Wales) are not really apathetic, they are just resigned to fact that politicians really in general look after their selves, and nobody else , and that they will do what they like anyhow.

But maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel

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Can Wales compete? Learning from Ethan Allen

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I have just caught an episode of the Dylan Ratigan show and Dylan was speaking to Farooq Kathwari CEO of Ethan Allen Furniture in the United States. Ethan Allen is an American success story, and proof that American manufacturing can compete with low cost countries like China and India. At the moment Ethan Allen produces most of its furniture (65%) in the US with the goal being 70% in the near future. Ethan Allen has shops in China selling its US made furniture..

Mr Kathwari made a interesting point that Germany cost is very high yet Germany is still on of the World’s largest exporter. Surely that Wales could compete with high quality products, a matter of quality over quantity.

However we need a well trained and well educated work force and the question is? Is the Welsh education system up to the challenge?

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Hey, Mark Zuckerberg could you spare Welsh schools a 100 Million quid?

I was impressed when heard that FaceBook’s Mark Zuckerberg had donated 100 Million Dollars to Newark schools on CNN.. I understand that Bill and Melinda Gates have donated half a billion Dollars to American education for teacher training.

This is a great example of what philaphropy can do for education.

I think it would be great if Wales own billionaires and millionaires could work together and invest in Wales crumbling schools and teacher education.. Even better what about business’s operating in Wales? They complain rightfully about inadequately trained our kids are. How better than for then to work with the schools and educating our kids for the 21st century.

So Sir Terry Matthews, Howard Stringer etal what do you think? Tesco?

Welsh kids do not need to be educated in schools that look and sound like something out of Charles Dickens.

We want Wales to to a prosperous place that people do not feel the need to leave. We want Wales to a Celtic Tiger like Ireland was until recently. And not like the Ireland of the Great Famine, except the this a famine of opportunity!

Maybe next year its time for the people of Wales to say good bye to the outmoded ideology of yesterday that has kept us poor and unknown.
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Gwynfor who?

I understand from another blog that today would be Gwynfor Evans birthday. the self styled “Tad y genedl”.

However his success (if one could call it that as he lost Carmarthen a number of times) was probably what marginalized Plaid as being more a party of Welsh speakers than of Wales in general, this further illustrated by his threat to fast to the death to establish S4C (which I personally did more harm to Welsh by putting in a ghetto). Did he offer to fast to the death for the thousands of Welsh who where thrown on to the scrapheap of Thatcher’s Britain

I would have had more respect for Gwynfor if he had returned to Barry (place of his birth) and promoted the case for Welsh nationalism there, instead moving to the west as if to escape the contamination of those he referred to as “Di Cymraeg” in one of his books, non Welsh speaking.

This I believe has been detrimental to creating an authentic and inclusive form of Welsh nationalism.

Plaid has certainly not emulated the SNP in Scotland, and their fanaticism over the issue of WM education in Cardiff will damage its chances in Cardiff West next year. A shame I think. To see Rhodri’s heir apparent do the cake walk to the Assembly next year.

And before you dear reader see this as a anti Gwynfor, Cymraeg, or even Plaid post. I respected Gwynfor for his honesty and integrity. I believe in supporting the Welsh language and seeing it prosper, I just don’t believe it in shoving it into a ghetto, and Plaid it could be the future of Wales, but English speakers do not feel comfortable.

I would support erecting a statue In Barry, instead of a bust in the library.

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