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Roald Dahl Day. Cardiff? Theme Park

Theme parks have been around longer than most of us think. Unfortunately when we think “Theme Park” we think Disney land or its Florida cousin Disney world, or worse Universe Studios, and fair enough that is what they are. They take us out of our dull reality into a new world filled with wonderment and colour.

As I said Theme Parks are not new, and the best example closer to home (Cardiff) would be Cardiff Castle

This Victorian folly built by William Burgess for the Marquess of Bute in the 19th Century along with Castell Coch.

These are 2 great examples of 19th Century “theme parks”, with their splendid gardens and architecture, with a typical medieval theme which was a manifestation of the Romantic Movement that was popular in the 19th Century. However they were private and built for the entertainment of the “idle rich”.

Since I have been living in the US, wife and I have visited what would be called “Living Museums”. I would think of then as a type of “theme park” Usually they tend to be frontier forts like Fort Laramie

A important part of American Western history. In the summer they usually have programs, and you feel like you are there. Its both entertaining and most importantly it is educational.

This to me is how a theme park should be.

I have always wondered why Cardiff has never celebrated her famous sons. For example the great writer, Roald Dahl grew up in Llandaff/Fairwater. Yet I have not even seen any indication that he was ever there. Also that he attended the Cathedral School, and that some of his experiences appear in his books.

What I think would be a good idea and quite possible. Is to build a theme park with Roald Dahl and his works as the subject matter. It would be great addition to what already exists. I would envision it as being based on one of his work “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. It would have to be large enough.

I thought a possible location would be where the Bosch plant is near Miskin

It would be great for business, the location would help create jobs in the Valleys, Cardiff and the Vale.

The first thing you should do is consult Roald Dahl’s estate to get there approval and support. Then set up company to chase up investment to get this project of the ground.

I believe his could happen with the right sort of people with the vision to carry it through.


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