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Mayors, why we cant be bothered!

You have to ask yourself what happened to the “hot debate” on Cardiff having an elected mayor. Truth is there was no real debate city wide about it. I realize living 3000 miles way how would I know? Its simple it’s Facebook and Twitter, as well as talking to family. My mother (who is a dedicated voter) had not heard about this “hot topic”. The reason why, to paraphrase James Carville “It’s the media stupid”. There is no city wide “conversation” about this, its all in the heads of the bloggers, and the wider media has chosen not to run with it, because it doesn’t sell papers! I read a tweet from Cllr Cerys Furlong that said that public was not interesting in changing Cardiff’s city government based on poll of 101 people on Wales online, hardly a large or scientific sample of opinion, so why would Cllr Furlong dismiss it based not only on a really ridiculous poll, and a lack of a wider debate. You could take it at face value, because she thinks that an elected mayor concentrates power in the hands of one person. Any different from the current cabinet system, and the old committee system was just the same.

However still the people of Cardiff should have a right to debate how their frontline services are run. Jonathan Morgan began this debate, and he seems to be “missing in action” over it. According his blog post Cardiff needed this urgently. Yet even he has lost interest in the project with the speculation that he had only brought it up because he might lose his seat to a very strong Julie Morgan.

Cardiff I believe it would be more like 24000 ( I have seen smaller, however I think that they thought it was based on 5% and not 10% which after discovering that the hard work may have put them off)

I do think it’s a shame that people in wales get more bent out of shape over fields, parks, and having their kids attend Victorian asbestos ridden schools, than looking forward. Its true that in America we vote in small numbers (though I think turn out here is about the same as in the UK now) for every office, however there is not the apathy here that one finds at home, and along with a local newspaper Dodge City that is more widely read than the Echo, and radio and TV stations that at least have nearly 21/2 hours of local news a day, people know what is going on, especially in the schools.

I think that people at home (Wales) are not really apathetic, they are just resigned to fact that politicians really in general look after their selves, and nobody else , and that they will do what they like anyhow.

But maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel

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Cardiff c’est Moi, Jonathan Morgan

Jonathan Morgan AM General Charles De Gaulle

Sometimes the “Viewpoints” page of the South Wales Echo can be source of unintentional and ironic response to the council’s chair of planning Ed “Every Little helps” Bridges about education, where Cardiff’s would be elected mayor, Jonathan Morgan AM quotes from Charles De Gaulle ” “A true leader always keeps an element of surprise up his sleeve, which others cannot grasp but which keeps his public excited and breathless.” which was aimed at the Council Leader, Rodney Berman.

However was there a more deeper meaning to that quote.

Remember that besides liberating France single handily. He also overthrew the semi defunct Third Republic which was a parliamentary democracy replaced with a strong executive presdident and weak legislature, becoming France’s savior with his famous diktat “France c’Moi” (I am France).

Was this letter to viewpoints just a demonstration to Cllr Berman that he will overthrew Cllr Berman’s inept “Directory”

Just realised maybe its Napoleon hes emulating as his own version of the “18th Brumaire”coup? Cllr Berman must be quaking in his shoes when they erect that guillotine in front of City Hall!

Just glad that no one reads my stuff!!

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