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so you want to be mayor of Cardiff?

So oh hum the great non debate on whether Cardiff’s wants a mayors forges on. The fury of the nondebate is absolutely shattering. The truth is most people know what a mayor is. They have seen both Ken Livingstone and now Boris Johnson running London (and on episodes of East Enders). What people really want to know is what will a mayor do for Cardiff. Lets look at the potential cadidates.

Cllr Russell Goodway (Former Labour leader of Cardiff Council)
Cllr Rodney Berman (LibDem leader of Cardiff Council and opponent of an elected mayor)
Jonathan Morgan AM (Conbservative AM who is the only Tory in Cardiff that strongly advocates a mayor)
Cllr Neil McEvoy (Plaid Cymru Deputy Leader of Cardiff Council)
Cllr Jane Cowan (Leader of the independent group on Cardiff Council
Mystery Candidate ( any able bodied citizen of Cardiff)

What people really want to know is what will he/she do for

1. Law and order/anti social behaviour
2. Education (good schools for all)
3. Jobs and the economy in general
4. Environment rubbish collection, clean streets
5. Transport
6. Housing
7. democracy (will a mayor be subject to scrutiny)

8. Open space, parkland.

Never mind the bullshit just a simple manifesto that those who want to be mayor will do once elected..


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