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Gwynfor who?

I understand from another blog that today would be Gwynfor Evans birthday. the self styled “Tad y genedl”.

However his success (if one could call it that as he lost Carmarthen a number of times) was probably what marginalized Plaid as being more a party of Welsh speakers than of Wales in general, this further illustrated by his threat to fast to the death to establish S4C (which I personally did more harm to Welsh by putting in a ghetto). Did he offer to fast to the death for the thousands of Welsh who where thrown on to the scrapheap of Thatcher’s Britain

I would have had more respect for Gwynfor if he had returned to Barry (place of his birth) and promoted the case for Welsh nationalism there, instead moving to the west as if to escape the contamination of those he referred to as “Di Cymraeg” in one of his books, non Welsh speaking.

This I believe has been detrimental to creating an authentic and inclusive form of Welsh nationalism.

Plaid has certainly not emulated the SNP in Scotland, and their fanaticism over the issue of WM education in Cardiff will damage its chances in Cardiff West next year. A shame I think. To see Rhodri’s heir apparent do the cake walk to the Assembly next year.

And before you dear reader see this as a anti Gwynfor, Cymraeg, or even Plaid post. I respected Gwynfor for his honesty and integrity. I believe in supporting the Welsh language and seeing it prosper, I just don’t believe it in shoving it into a ghetto, and Plaid it could be the future of Wales, but English speakers do not feel comfortable.

I would support erecting a statue In Barry, instead of a bust in the library.


September 1, 2010 - Posted by | Gwynfor Evans, Plaid Cymru, Tad y genedl"., Wales

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