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The despicable state of Welsh schools!

This did not come as a surprise to me. I had always had known that Welsh schools were in a poor state of repair, by personal observation over a number of years , observation by my own children who attended Cardiff schools (usually comparing it to the good condition of their US High schools), reports that appeared in the Echo and Western Mail that were usually forgotten. And a former assistant director of education I knew in Cardiff who told me that Cardiff and South Glamorgan County Council had neglected repairs on schools for over 20 years (and that was in 2004). So I was not surprised when I had read this report from the BBC today by Ciaran Jenkins (the blogger formerly known as Blamerball)

It just illustrates how politicians in Wales will talk about education but will do nothing. This is the backlog of repairs that need to be done.





Rhondda Cynon Taf








Neath Port Talbot






Blaenau Gwent






That I believe is probably the tip of the iceberg. An estimated One Billion Pounds. This is a disgrace. How can you talk about schools fit for the 21st Century, when some of them were not fit for the 19th.

Unfortunately everyone has to take responsibility for this. Politicians, Parents, and educators. We do have responsibility to do something for this before we bankrupt the next generation with the repairs. This has to be done now, and the government should borrow beg and steal to pay for this.

Wales wake up, before it is too late!


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"Mr Ed" Milliband, Labour’s New Leader

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My answer to Richard Dawkins!

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Hey, Mark Zuckerberg could you spare Welsh schools a 100 Million quid?

I was impressed when heard that FaceBook’s Mark Zuckerberg had donated 100 Million Dollars to Newark schools on CNN.. I understand that Bill and Melinda Gates have donated half a billion Dollars to American education for teacher training.

This is a great example of what philaphropy can do for education.

I think it would be great if Wales own billionaires and millionaires could work together and invest in Wales crumbling schools and teacher education.. Even better what about business’s operating in Wales? They complain rightfully about inadequately trained our kids are. How better than for then to work with the schools and educating our kids for the 21st century.

So Sir Terry Matthews, Howard Stringer etal what do you think? Tesco?

Welsh kids do not need to be educated in schools that look and sound like something out of Charles Dickens.

We want Wales to to a prosperous place that people do not feel the need to leave. We want Wales to a Celtic Tiger like Ireland was until recently. And not like the Ireland of the Great Famine, except the this a famine of opportunity!

Maybe next year its time for the people of Wales to say good bye to the outmoded ideology of yesterday that has kept us poor and unknown.
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Edwina Hart’s new brief. Minister for outer space.

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Is This The Age Of the Train for Cardiff?

When we were living at a unnamed theological college in Llandaff in 2008 , we often used the Radyr to Coryton line to travel around Cardiff , (especially after our car had been stolen and wrecked) . Trains run twice an hour Mondays to Fridays, I dont think they ran on Sundays. Most of the time the service was not that well used. That was a shame as it is the fastest and most painless way to get into town, and then catching trains to Barry or the valleys.

I believe this line was reopened as a imitative between BR and the old South Glamorgan County Council.

It struck me that with the fact that the Swansea mainline not going to be electrified in the foreseeable future. Why can they not electrify the local lines. Surely this is something that could be worked with the cooperation of the WAG, Cardiff, Vale, and valleys councils.

They should integrate the bus and train services like they do in the US, rather like the RTD in Denver.

If this was properly planned out with some vision, then Cardiff could see a solution to its problem with congestion.

Just needs someone with vision!

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Are Cardiff Councillors Value For Money?

I have noticed when visiting the Wales Online site that this “Quick Vote” poll has been on the main page for a couple of months.

I am curious why Media Wales has chosen Cardiff in particualr? It does not seem to be aimed at the Executive in particular.

Does this indicated that Media Wales has a low view of Cardiff Council, or the current batch of councillors.

Also you can vote multiple times!!

Is there an agenda?

Curious said Alice!

Are Cardiff councillors value for money?



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The Pope supports devolution in the UK

I read with interest Pope Benedict’s first address on British soil and noted his support for devolution.

“As I begin my visit to the United Kingdom in Scotland’s historic capital city, I greet in a special way First Minister Salmond and the representatives of the Scottish Parliament.

“Just like the Welsh and Northern Ireland Assemblies, may the Scottish Parliament grow to be an expression of the fine traditions and distinct culture of the Scots and strive to serve their best interests in a spirit of solidarity and concern for the common good.”

This is good and positive, and will certainly be a help in the referendum in Wales for the Assembly to gain legislative powers. For the large population of Catholics in south Wales who still respect the pope (even the ones that may not agree with the Magisterium’s teachings in matters of sexuality)

Its a shame that his visit has been greeted by the stupid and inane “Basil Fawlty” type racism. I don’t recall the last Papal visit receiving this much negative feedback (except from Ian Paisley). This pope has been more proactive than his predecessor in dealing with the issues of child abuse than his predecessor.

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Roald Dahl Day. Cardiff? Theme Park

Theme parks have been around longer than most of us think. Unfortunately when we think “Theme Park” we think Disney land or its Florida cousin Disney world, or worse Universe Studios, and fair enough that is what they are. They take us out of our dull reality into a new world filled with wonderment and colour.

As I said Theme Parks are not new, and the best example closer to home (Cardiff) would be Cardiff Castle

This Victorian folly built by William Burgess for the Marquess of Bute in the 19th Century along with Castell Coch.

These are 2 great examples of 19th Century “theme parks”, with their splendid gardens and architecture, with a typical medieval theme which was a manifestation of the Romantic Movement that was popular in the 19th Century. However they were private and built for the entertainment of the “idle rich”.

Since I have been living in the US, wife and I have visited what would be called “Living Museums”. I would think of then as a type of “theme park” Usually they tend to be frontier forts like Fort Laramie

A important part of American Western history. In the summer they usually have programs, and you feel like you are there. Its both entertaining and most importantly it is educational.

This to me is how a theme park should be.

I have always wondered why Cardiff has never celebrated her famous sons. For example the great writer, Roald Dahl grew up in Llandaff/Fairwater. Yet I have not even seen any indication that he was ever there. Also that he attended the Cathedral School, and that some of his experiences appear in his books.

What I think would be a good idea and quite possible. Is to build a theme park with Roald Dahl and his works as the subject matter. It would be great addition to what already exists. I would envision it as being based on one of his work “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. It would have to be large enough.

I thought a possible location would be where the Bosch plant is near Miskin

It would be great for business, the location would help create jobs in the Valleys, Cardiff and the Vale.

The first thing you should do is consult Roald Dahl’s estate to get there approval and support. Then set up company to chase up investment to get this project of the ground.

I believe his could happen with the right sort of people with the vision to carry it through.

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so you want to be mayor of Cardiff?

So oh hum the great non debate on whether Cardiff’s wants a mayors forges on. The fury of the nondebate is absolutely shattering. The truth is most people know what a mayor is. They have seen both Ken Livingstone and now Boris Johnson running London (and on episodes of East Enders). What people really want to know is what will a mayor do for Cardiff. Lets look at the potential cadidates.

Cllr Russell Goodway (Former Labour leader of Cardiff Council)
Cllr Rodney Berman (LibDem leader of Cardiff Council and opponent of an elected mayor)
Jonathan Morgan AM (Conbservative AM who is the only Tory in Cardiff that strongly advocates a mayor)
Cllr Neil McEvoy (Plaid Cymru Deputy Leader of Cardiff Council)
Cllr Jane Cowan (Leader of the independent group on Cardiff Council
Mystery Candidate ( any able bodied citizen of Cardiff)

What people really want to know is what will he/she do for

1. Law and order/anti social behaviour
2. Education (good schools for all)
3. Jobs and the economy in general
4. Environment rubbish collection, clean streets
5. Transport
6. Housing
7. democracy (will a mayor be subject to scrutiny)

8. Open space, parkland.

Never mind the bullshit just a simple manifesto that those who want to be mayor will do once elected..

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