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One of the things that have bothered me about living in the good old USA has been what Americans know about Wales. After 17 years or so of living here I have come to the conclusion that most Americans either have never heard of Wales or think it is in Australia or north of Scotland!

In the early 1990s I was living in Denver, and was active in the Colorado Welsh Society. (I was its president from 1993-95). I was one of the founders of what we called the “Kathleen Hughes Welsh Learning Academy” named for the retired Welsh nurse from North Wales who tried to teach us Welsh (we grew from 4 – 25 in a short time). We did succeed in raising the Welsh profile in Colorado, and our membership jumped from 29 – 100 in a short time. We even had the governor of Colorado declare officially proclaim St David’s Day!

In 2000 (I believe) Denver acquired a new British consulate general. I went by to see what goodie they had there! I was sadly disappointed. There was very little about Wales in their literature, and I wondered whether if this part of the reason that Wales suffered so much from little foreign investment? Yes I know some will point to Ford in Bridgend which I believe will soon be closing.

People in the US know who Tom Jones is and even have heard of Duffy. They don’t know too much about where they are from. Unlike Liam Neeson, or even Sean Connery. Yes I ramble, but I think you catch my drift.

In the 1980s I was an activist in the Welsh Liberal party and was a founding member of the Liberal Democratic Party and Young Liberal Democrats (God help me). I even stood as a candidate in the 2004 local elections in Ely (Cardiff). After that I resigned from the party I found that it did not reflect my beliefs! My life abroad had made me more of a nationalist. Also my Liberal heroes were Tom Ellis, OM Edwards, JE Lloyd, and a Cardiff boy , Alfred Thomas (later Lord Pontypridd) who were founders of Cymru Fydd (Young Wales) , and simply the new Welsh Liberal Democratic Party was simply was not the successor to that old Liberal Party. Plaid is the cultural successor to the old Welsh Liberal Party. I believe that Plaid is Welsh road for Social Liberalism as anticipated by the founders of Cymru Fydd.

After the last local elections in Cardiff (when I was last home) I was very impressed by Plaid’s performance in Cardiff. And I was further impressed by their win in Fairwater. I came to the conclusion after that win that Plaid had matured and could be called the Party of all Wales and Welsh. Also after an extensive correspondence with Cllr Neil McEvoy (we had a mutual friend in Cllr Charlie Gale who had a very high regard for Neil). I decided that I was convinced (admittedly reluctantly convinced) that Plaid Cymru was where I should be. I have now formerly joined the party, and though I may not see eye to eye with those who are critical of Israel (I am very much so pro Zionist) that can be changed.


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