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I must say my heart went out to WS Parry when I read his letter in the Western Mail on Saturday (March 7th), as he (she) related his story of how a the tenant of his daughter’s house stole everything in her house then  fled to the Midlands. Then after providing the address of the thief (he confessed to the police on the phone) they still did arrest him. Meanwhile he paid of a fine from a previous offence got his passport and now is in Spain. Where it will be impossible to get him. So I shed no tears when I hear Chief Constable Barbara Wilding whine about police funding. What about poor old Mr. Parry a pensioner who has paid taxes all his life for this? Why should we pay more for a police service that does not even provide for the basics?

The South Wales Police Force has been in the news for other reasons recently. Two cases of miscarriages of justice. The first one was that of Michael O’Brien and 2 others who were imprisoned for 11 years for the murder of a Cardiff Newsagent. Their convictions were quashed because of the way that the evidence was obtained through a false confession. He was cleared and was paid 300,000 pounds (that he did not seek) in compensation, when in fact what he really wanted was an apology. Recently Cllr Neil McEvoy (Deputy Leader of Cardiff Council) called for a public enquiry to be opened on the case. Also that the 2 Cardiff council members on the South Wales Police Authority be mandated to insist on an enquiry. One of the sitting members Cllr Jacqui Gasson (who has sat on it for 17 years) opposed it because she felt it should have been conducted 10 years ago. What I would like to know if she called for it then? If not why not. Needless to say a modified version was passed by Cardiff Council last December. The motion was opened by the Labour members who seemed to let a personal vendetta against Cllr McEvoy stand in the way of justice.

The worse attitude I believe is one that relegates this to “it happened a long time ago!” I recall an interview with Simon Wiesenthal when he was asked why being in his 80s he still was hunting Nazis, and that it happened a long time ago! His response was No! It was happening now! There is No Time Limit on Justice!

And that’s how she should see it. Whether it WS Parry and his daughter’s house, or Mike O’Brien, Justice still needs to be served. The police have a very complacent attitude


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  1. Well said.

    The complacent attitude could be adjusted were the police answerable to the electorate.

    Comment by Stonemason. | March 9, 2009 | Reply

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