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A Victory for Democracy does not mean one for Common Sense

I was amused to read a reply to a letter that I had written to the South Wales Echo concerning my favorite Cardiff Labour councillor, Ralph Cook by a Geraldine Evans of Cardiff. It went like this.

IN reply to Mr Cridland (Viewpoints, February 21), can Rreel Action Group, in light of their victory, dispatch Berman and his posse over to Dodge City so they can ride rough shod over the residents there?

Mind you, there may not be many trees left to lasso their horses to.

They stampede over every green space and pitch their camp anywhere.

Geraldine Evans

Llanrumney AvenueCardiff”

My own letter was this

“WHAT an angry man Coun Ralph Cook is, judging from his “love” letter just before Valentine’s Day (Viewpoints, February 13).

How personal was his attack on Coun Rodney Berman, pictured. And why is Coun Cook so angry?

In 2004 there were 53 Labour councillors on Cardiff Council, now there are only 12. The people of Cardiff had lost confidence in Labour.

Then what did the Lib Dems offer in 2004? An all-party executive, which meant that all parties would be responsible for running Cardiff.

But if Labour could not run Cardiff then they would rather see it ruined.

They are not even a constructive opposition. They make false accusations of racism like the one by Coun Patel.

Couns Patel and Cook make work hard for their constituents. But do they work for Cardiff?

Michael Alan CridlandDodge City, Kansas, USADodge City, Kansas, USA:”

She asks if the good citizens of Dodge City would tolerate politicians riding roughshod over them. My answer to that is no.

The Citizens of Dodge City rejected a school bond vote that would allow the school district to build a new middle school and refurbish an existing one. This is to deal with the overcrowding that is happening right now. So because of people power and the fact the citizens that voted (a small turnout like Llanrumney) there will be no school.

According to the Time magazine writer Fareed Zakaria it is the same type of polls in California that has moved California from having the best schools in the US to the worse. Because the people vote against propositions that involve spending money for new schools.

Now I will concede that Llanrumney was a different issue over green space. But was the vote one for common sense? I don’t think so!



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