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WalesOnline – News – Wales News – Five-year-old taught how to fight on net

It all very relative, when it comes to the issue of gangs around the world as to amount and level of violence. However is always the same for those who are on the receiving end of the violence! It’s intolerable. According to last Sunday’s "Wales on Sunday" the people of the Cardiff suburb of Fairwater they have had more than their fair share of gang trouble. Fairwater is an area with a population of 13000 predominantly white; there is an area to the north known as Pentrebane which is predominantly working class built in the 1960s.

According to the WoS article there has been videos circulated on the internet that describes a gang of jobs known as the “Pentrebane Massive”. In one video they are seen to be “training” a 5 year old boy to fight and describe him as “Pentrebane massives’s youngest member”. This is not really new!

What is unacceptable is that these characters post their foul deeds on the internet for the entire world to see. It would be a good idea if the police (especially since the main station is a 5 minute walk from where that particular film was “produced”.

Councillor Neil McEvoy who is not only a new councillor for Fairwater, but also deputy leader of Cardiff County Council. Has commented that this is unacceptable and being a community activist in the Fairwater area. Has been very proactive in working with the youth, seeing a very noticeable decline in crime in the area. He is to be complemented.

His predecessors in the council were bunch of deadbeats who were thrown out of office.

Unfortunately the main cause for this phenomenon is the break down of the family. A total break down in communication between parents and children. I hope this will be remedied for the sake of the kids.


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