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Labour Group disrupt Cardiff Council’s Budget Meeting

Remember this? A satirical poster from the time of the last Labour Administration

I understand from reading a post from my friends at Blog Politics Cymru that there was a big ruckus at Cardiff County Council’s budget meeting last Thursday night. I decided to scour Wales Online (the Western mail and South Wales Echo) web site for info, and was surprised not to find any forthcoming. Then I thought to myself! Yes this is the budget meting! It’s always been the same and worse now since Cardiff is a NOP (no majority party in control). You have the Lib Dems with 35 members, the Conservatives (official opposition) with 17, Labour with 13, Plaid Cymru (coalition partner) 7, and last of all 3 independents. Prior to the 2004 elections Labour controlled the council with 50 members, and then went down to 27 and the last election 13. Just like the old nursery rhyme "Ten green bottles".

The account by Rachel Quigley was interesting but incomplete and not quite accurate. In fact it was not so much the opposition that complained about a manipulation of the meeting by the majority party, it was the Labour group led by Cllr Ralph Cook and the independents that were unhappy about this, and accused the Lib Dem/Plaid group of Nazi tactics. something that rings hollow when you read the account of Cllr Cook’s own part (As Chief whip)in disciplining 8 Labour councillors who opposed Russell Goodwage’s allowance increase in 2000 (please see link below).

The Tories are the official opposition. Cllr Gareth Aubrey explains what actually happened in his own blog. You could also judge for yourself by watching the web cast of the meeting. To me and Cllr Timothy Davies the Labour proposals smacked of time wasting. I fin d it quite astonishing that the infamous Cllr Goodway should have been unaware of procedure, when waves the book at every meeting! A little disingenuous I think.

And don’t forget that Cllr Goodway was known as "Napoleon" during his time as Lord Mayor. Who will forget his voting himself 58,000 pounds in 2000? . The rest is a very expensive history for the Cardiff taxpayers.



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