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WalesOnline – News – Wales News – Film director Karl Francis charged over child sex images

             Karl Francis

World Famous Welsh Director, Karl Francis has been arrested for having child sex images on his computer, according to a report on the Wales Online site . Karl who? you ask. 

Francis has produced movies and worked as a producer for BBC Wales. He has been described in the “Time Out” magazine as “One of the UK’s best and least known director’s“. Why is Francs so unknown? It could be because of his reputation as a “partisan left wing” producer. His own web site . His debut film came out in 1977, “Above us the Earth” . Then followed by a number of Welsh and English films including “Giro City“, which starred Glenda Jackson and Jon Finch.
Possibly Karl Francis has suffered because of his reputation as an unorthodox filmmaker. However there are many producers  who have done well. Could it be that he is just a rubbish producer? Well not really. He has already been hailed as one of the UK’s best, so that is not true.
I think the problem lies mainly with Wales low profile in the world. and this Will not change until it is raised, and I don’t have to give people in “darkest” Kansas a 1 hour spiel when they ask where I am from.
Whatever happens with Karl Francis and his current situation and if he is cleared. His work needs a wider audience.
I do have friend who did work on one of his Welsh language movies ,and he did find him rather boorish and hard to work for. So it could be true that his low profile may be partly personal.
PS I bet you thought I would go on about the Oscars?? Well unfortunately I had to go down and clean my kitchen while it was going on. And surprise surprise Heath Ledger won best actor!

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