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The International Baccalaureate Leaves Cardiff! Tragic Loss

Cardiff is to lose its position as home of the European office of the International Baccalaureate according to a report in the Guardian . The International Baccalaureate is the main rival to the A level in the UK (HS Diploma in the US). 100,000 take the IB diploma worldwide and at least 3, 315 in the UK. 300 are expected to lose their jobs in Cardiff when they relocate their offices to Amsterdam. This is a major blow to UK education.

Monique Seefried who is chair of the board of governors in the UK told the staff that Cardiff was too remote a location for the program. She told staff that Cardiff has very poor transport communications. The IB has seen some tremendous growth over the last year, and Cardiff is just not an adequate place for it. It has been in Cardiff for the last 20 years.

Many of us ex pats have complained about Cardiff’s lack of a high enough profile in the world, and it totally rubbish airport. I found it very sad to read Colin Jenkins letter in the Western mail today. Mr. Jenkins who was the first operation director of the program lauds the efforts of the Western Mail, the Lib Dems and Plaid Cymru in trying to keep the IB in Cardiff. It’s sad that the Welsh Assembly Government does not share that view. This present administration has a abysmal record when it comes to education! How tragic.


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WalesOnline – News – Wales News – Film director Karl Francis charged over child sex images

             Karl Francis

World Famous Welsh Director, Karl Francis has been arrested for having child sex images on his computer, according to a report on the Wales Online site . Karl who? you ask. 

Francis has produced movies and worked as a producer for BBC Wales. He has been described in the “Time Out” magazine as “One of the UK’s best and least known director’s“. Why is Francs so unknown? It could be because of his reputation as a “partisan left wing” producer. His own web site . His debut film came out in 1977, “Above us the Earth” . Then followed by a number of Welsh and English films including “Giro City“, which starred Glenda Jackson and Jon Finch.
Possibly Karl Francis has suffered because of his reputation as an unorthodox filmmaker. However there are many producers  who have done well. Could it be that he is just a rubbish producer? Well not really. He has already been hailed as one of the UK’s best, so that is not true.
I think the problem lies mainly with Wales low profile in the world. and this Will not change until it is raised, and I don’t have to give people in “darkest” Kansas a 1 hour spiel when they ask where I am from.
Whatever happens with Karl Francis and his current situation and if he is cleared. His work needs a wider audience.
I do have friend who did work on one of his Welsh language movies ,and he did find him rather boorish and hard to work for. So it could be true that his low profile may be partly personal.
PS I bet you thought I would go on about the Oscars?? Well unfortunately I had to go down and clean my kitchen while it was going on. And surprise surprise Heath Ledger won best actor!

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The Hugo Chávez Show

A very fair minded documentary by the US PBS program on Hugo Chavez. I think his fan club in Wales should take note!

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The People Have Spoken! (or at least some of them) Or “We don’t need no education!

The People of Llanrumney spoke yesterday. They do not want a new state of the art school built on the site of their leisure centre. According to reports on BBC Wales . The plan was for two schools in the east of Cardiff to close (Llanrumney and Rumney). They would be replaced by a state of the art school built on the site of the Eastern Leisure, with the leisure centre being refurbished at a cost of 7 Million Pounds, and a total of 40 Million pounds being invested for the new school. The Council plan can be found here.

A pressure group known as the "Rumney Recreation ground Eastern Leisure centre" (RREL)  led by a thug by the name of Don Taylor were opposed to the location. Claiming it would lead to Llanumney losing valuable green space comparable to Roath Park or Victoria Park in Canton.

Unfortunately due to a very low turn out (27) and the deliberate lies that Mr. Taylor and his friends in the local Labour Party spread, the proposal was defeated with 3000 voting against and 231 voting for the proposal. It is sad because there were posters put up which said "save Eastern Leisure centre" and that the centre would be 100 % closed. As you read in the proposals this is totally untrue.

February 17th was both a sad day for Llanrumney and for democracy. I hope for one that both Cllr Ralph Cookway and Don Taylor choke on their Clark’s pie.

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Morgan’s Departure

Some of my friends may (or not) that Morgan Hen is defunct. I was getting frustrated with not writing anything decent. or even having the time to write at all. 

I decided to keep a blog going so that when I can write something of value I will be able to.
I thank all those who Read and followed the old Morgan! Diolch yn Fawr!

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